As a free writer.

Oh no! I don’t have any aspirations of becoming a professional writer! Tha-thats far from my mind. But random influences had it on me. I was once a boy who loved to draw shape and figures, however upon entering our college publication  (where I met my “writing-self”) with the desire to befit a cartoonist, and with their (pub-staff) untiring coercion for everyone to write at least an article which was before an evil thing for me (because I hated the idea) still in the middle of it all especially when I sat at the highest position –  it just dawned on me, and I thought back then “I’m starting to love writing.” Yet even with this skills now, “excellent” compared to most of my school mates – is still largely distant from book writers or professional writers or poets or lyricists, rhymesters, versifiers and composers ‘credits to Encarta for the words, had this always at my side whenever I write somethin’) and even further – story tellers! Because I sense a miniature desire of writing a story as beautiful as the stories of Narnia (and that my admiration for C.S. Lewis goes above any writers, I love the chronicles so much! Kudos to Christ for it!)

The truth is, I know I have so much more to experience before I consider sitting in my pew and write something, like a novel or a story or a commentary or a book of any sort and any kind. Yet, I could not deny this burning passion in me, the feeling of ‘reading my own’ and ‘being read by people’ and ‘hearing from them’ is to some degree can be an exciting experience. And its rather funny, for I am still with my “all-blue” ambition but that ambition collided with this tiny weight. Two flames huh? It’s like, my amity to music is stirring me to write. So that the music that compliments my feelings becomes (inside my thoughts) words and paragraphs.

So, honestly? I aspire of becoming a writer.

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  1. Mai · June 19, 2014

    Galing.. 🙂

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