On Track!

Getting back was pretty tough.

Even writing a new piece here on my blog, is sure taking its toll. The skill I have in writing have been long unpolished, long unused and I feel it’s rusting.

I do have a lot of skills under my sleeves. I know a lot of things like playing different kinds of instruments and I was good even in drawing or sketching. However, lately I am currently learning a new skill which is computer programming. And this skill is so vast its literally a universe.

It is like a tree with hundreds of branches and those branches have hundreds of mini branches in it and a thousand of leaves in it. Where the branches represents the programming languages, the mini-branches represents the tools, functions and processes of each languages and the leaves are the result of all those things combined. The trunk connects those languages together in a way that makes all those languages essential to one another. The roots are the histories that made these futuristic things possible and they are of incalculable value.

And here I am, an ant in this big damn tree trying to decide what branch to take, crawling over this vast amount of knowledge freely acquired in just a click of a mouse.

I know that I am not that good, but I also know that I don’t suck at anything I put my mind into. You see, over these past years… when I learned something of my utmost interest, I excel at it and loved the results. And this time, at this critical moment of my life where I am ever more determined to pursue this career path, I won’t let anyone tell me that I cannot be, want I really wanted to be. To be an innovative programmer.

And yet, this is just a means to an end.

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