Messy thoughts no. 3

My life is just getting sadder and sadder, like a mellow music in a beach under a pouring rain. When it seems redemption had took a long run away from me, and worries is just so above me, a hill or better yet a mountain. When dying would be much better than living. I’ve never been so coward or I’ve always been, but much more now. No sarcasm could appeal, no derision or humor could make it a little bit lighter. No advise could ease the burden, no words could possibly turn it around. No voice could make a difference, no man or woman could hold my hand and make me stand. I grieved about my past, I am sorrowful about what I’ve become and perhaps will still be afflicted in the years to come. My heart is about to burst, my tears is about to fill an ocean, no man will know, no man will ever fathom how much I hate, how much I hurt, how much sometimes I look strong but ever fragile, how much I laugh and how much I cry, how much I wanted to go away from the noise, from other people, and all other things that plague my everyday life. 

End of messy thoughts.

One comment

  1. lyla28 · July 23, 2013

    sakita sakong heart sanz uie… i know i cant help you ;/

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