Poesy no. 31

Credits to whoever made this train art. Its beautiful!



Come with me O awfully
Graciously appeal
Take the night and find a way
to simply disappear

Gloom be me see my veins
Sail away in blue
Skies become my mourning friend
I cried I said I do

I do!
yes I do admit to all
Who else, who else can see
the woe in me? yea always be
Until I do find thee!


  1. lyla28 · May 31, 2013


  2. Sanz Valle · June 11, 2013

    hala si lyka? hahahaha thanks for dropping by

  3. lyla28 · June 15, 2013

    correction… Lyla diay…😛

  4. Sanz Valle · June 23, 2013

    owh sorry about that.. nyahaha lyla..

  5. lyla28 · June 23, 2013


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