The Words

The Words
 was slowly immersed, it was like swimming in my world of frustration.

It was a mistake I could have also done under desperate circumstance but I have my own vision of what my life would become, and I am not afraid if it would turn out just like in the movie. I fear not if what I think I ought to be comes to naught. Yet, there will be always a subtle sigh of regret.

“He tried to write but the words just wouldn’t come.” A phrase I could never forget, for I too have longed to be one, have not stop longing still for here I am, in front of my computer, at my blog, writing something. Trying to be what I believe I wanted to become.

This motion picture has truly inspired me. There are a lot of thoughts suggested, principles and values shown. About truth and about life. But it touches me deeper than I could have imagine, I say these words like an accessories and I could also say that there are no words fit of an expression on how I really feel. These preliminary thoughts I think I should write are wholesome and fresh. Not so carefully thought out but also not like a river flow. It would seem like a calm waves of the sea. Just a little splash and a quiet rustling of the sand.

“I love the words more than the person that gave me the inspiration.” Inspired me in a sense to find my inspiration not so that I could write, but so that I could love, live and give and write or perhaps sing about it.

I recommend this movie on all ages, there were no pornographic stuff, just little kissing scenes that aren’t really disturbing, it was so beautiful. So hearty and intelligent. It was a story about a story within a story. As we all say in our language, “Kompletos Ricados” (All in one!) No dull moments, cannot be dragging, it got my whole attention with every word until the end. I will watch this again soon after finding the book and read it for myself, I’m sure it would be a lot more intense and profound reading THE WORDS.

– end –

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