Poesy no. 13


Out from  my usual space: This poem actually is inspired from the Anime “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion” which presents a wonderful sacrifice.

An intellectual thought-provoking strategic sci-fi story about dynasty, rebellion, revenge, friendship, loyalty, morality, integrity, love, passion, justice and righteousness. I bet that sums it all up.

It is a story of a boy, a partially-exiled prince,  who has given the privilege to bear the power of a geass which lets him coerce anyone to “absolute obedience” with just a look in the eye. Inflamed by the death of his mother at a young age, he then seeks for the truth by standing up against the oppression he sees in area eleven, formerly known as Japan. Together with his new found power combined with his supreme-intellect and all other rebels, he then forged a team that would eventually gain world-wide reputation. He embarks into achieving his goal relentlessly even if it would mean killing his own close friends and sacrificing his own comrades. Only to discover at the end that there is more inside the emperor’s realm.

It has advance system such as Mobile Suits known as Generation Knightmares in a highly developed industrial setting.

Credits to whoever made the picture I used for editing.

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