Messy thoughts no. 2

There are many things I do not know and plenty of things I cannot do. Many promises I have made, and most of them were broken. Bundles of responsibilities unfulfilled, and a handful of failures. Maybe because of my stubborn will, and it’s not really “maybe” I should say it really is because of me. I can’t blame circumstances, I can’t blame the people around me, and most of all the society. I can’t blame the President of the Philippines, can’t blame the dog who loves to provoke me and chase me around, can’t blame my friends who invites me here and there and everywhere about anything and anywhere, can’t blame the game I love to play, can’t blame my bed who gives me too much comfort, my home that gives me so many things to do, to clean up, to arrange and rearrange, dishes to wash, vegetables to cook, food to eat, elderly to care, chickens to feed, internet to get by, musical instruments to play and a thought to make my life better. The thought however remains an idle idea. I’ve mentioned the things I do from day to day and I guess the only thing that I am doing to make my life a little bit better is the scheduled workout. The important thing I hate to do! I feel like all I want to do is to be a janitor or something. Come on “will”, cooperate with me. We need to do this! Help me out here or we’ll be stuck here forever in an infinite loophole. Let’s move on together!

– End of messy thoughts –

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