You cannot go through your whole life without making personal attachments…

I could not remember the date or year, I know it’s not that far from now but it was when I realized not to attached myself too much in this world. All things in this world are subject to change, Change is in every soul and in every corner of this universe. I have made a fair distance between my friends, even my closest of friends because I know change is right on its feet waiting for the time to take over even the strongest bonds these world had ever known.

But it seems to me that though I had that thought locked inside the vault of my mind, I have been wild with my attachments, things I will not let go of, for there, a part of me is clinging and thus it shouts, “Don’t let go!”. Things I only let go of if it desires freedom for itself. Like a bird in its nest will my strings be to anything or anyone in my life. Be glad to stay, be afraid not to go.

But I will not, if you will too! Fair enough?

– End of post

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