Messy Thoughts

Think about this, you are alive but not living. A dead man walking.

You take a shower but you can’t be clean, you take a drink but there’s deep well thirst. You eat a lot, never satisfied. And take a sip in an evening juice, snack some more, crunch and chew. Always hungry, always wanting, of something more to life. I mean, is this it? Is this all life has to offer me? Morning awake, night asleep, rest and spend away your energy… to useless things? to all vain and meaningless activity! Stupidity! Well, you know what they say, “youth aged, ignorance educated, immaturity outgrown, drunkenness sobered, but stupidity lasts forever!” This habit of stupidity is just way too beyond me. Above my head, inside my heart. I go to bed, thinking about making my life a little bit better than yesterday yet ending another day with sigh of regret; nothing is accomplished! I sat here in my pew, side my bed, in front of this computer, writing something without a sound, without a music behind, no motivation, an empty consumption of thoughts, this void devouring my feelings. Tomorrow? What’s it gonna be like? Still the same? still the same stupidity!

End of messy thoughts.

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