“Past-pass-fast”, change has truly been the only constant thing in the world. Time has repeatedly proven it to me. I have been living in this world now for twenty one years and three quarters and I miss my childhood years so much. It seems there’s so much evil just by growing up and pure fun in juvenility. But na-ah, I don’t intend to build this piece around philosophical basis about how evil we are, though I’d die for that truth. But here I just want to share my recent nostalgia.

If I could remember correctly, it happened in the wee hours of November 30, 2012. I was off to home from an action packed game of clicking and pressing with my friends at the village. Little did I knew, someone was waiting for me in the street exactly along the straight block where I live, around just the corner before I could reach home, it was an inevitable brief way to my house (just 7 lots away). Well, he was not really waiting for me but I really do think he was. That he did! Anyways, before reaching the corner, I had him on my view and he too had his eyes on me, and then I saw as I approach slowly toward the curve that he was threatened by my presence. So he stood up and walked slowly back nigh the gate of his own without removing that hostile glare. It was just me and him at that moment. We both know each other. And I knew him! I despise him! And He knew that I despise him so he hated me too. He let out this notorious noise from his gorge in the distance as I walked passed by watching him in the corner of my eyes. But suddenly, he trotted slowly towards me with such evil intent. I could sense the pressing malevolence behind; it is when my heart began to pound and with every beat, time and distance is taken away. Slowly approaching and seemingly playful about how he trotted but vigilant and prepared for something conceivably I might do. This is it, a decisive moment. Is it to fight or to run? And without a moment’s pause, I ran with all of my might, I might have actually reached approximately 40km/hr. …really! I sure do believe.

Ok, due to the swiftness of the moment, imagine with me that all of the sudden, the story is now in “sLOoOWw MOoOWTion” NaaAayzz! Soooo, I took a speedy-small-step to start the “For-my-life-run”, I could not consider fighting because I never thought I would need my light-saber. So as I began to run (remember: “sLoOowW MoOoW”) after a two or three “steps”, I looked back (while running) to see if he has responded to my call for pursuit. To my dismay, he really did and he was ******* coping up. Meanwhile, my running wasn’t that correct, I had (like I said a while ago) “speedy-small-steps” and my upper body vent over forward. Just like in cartoons, it was what I perceived to be a “sprint” that suits the situation but hell I was wrong. Just half way through, due to the weight of my upper body leaning forward and without the proper aid of my legs which were literally behind me, I flipped over, “dived” if you prefer, with my right hand as my landing support and what a crash it has been. I quickly stood up, hoping nobody’s watching. By the time I looked back to see where he might be, he was cantering back to the corner. I didn’t know what he did when I took the “hell-dive” but one thing I know, he did not hurt me.

My hands and clothes were covered with dirt; I had open wounds in my arms and fingers, also in my two knees but the most painful part was the wound in my right arm, it was so big! It was the critical part because it became my crash-support. I was walking injured whole in pain and I caught myself giggling, laughing silently, then I thought to myself, “When was the last time I had so exciting a moment? I sure had it when I was still at high-school” I sure miss the fun of being chased around and getting bruised with senseless activities, being laugh at by my friends while in pain and at the end laughing together. I woke up the day after and every wound is in constant soreness. The badass wound was swollen with pus; it was like “EeWw!” All wounds took a week to heal.

The memoirs of rumbling-adolescence made me miss those careless times when we find ourselves though wounded, bruise or hurt yet youthful, joyful and HAKUNA MATATA!

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