I will be writing things here without a hope of some passerby or perhaps a friend as a reader, I wanted to write all the things here, like a journal that I could keep in web, so that wherever I may be, I can write something about something or just about me; or the things that I don’t wanna forget, for all I know I am always having a hard time remembering specially those things that are running through my head – idea, thoughts, words and the like. and most especially the important events, feelings that is shaping me now. However, this might be the emotional side of me of which may seem gawky or awkward to some. Whatever! Did I just wrote above that I’m expecting no one here? But oh yeah, of course I am expecting someone – that someone will someday read all the things I wrote here, and almost certainly, slight probably she will be the only one.

I will never know.


  1. obliviongirl · November 3, 2012

    keep it up Sanz..though words are not that easy to come out when you write but it’s ok words will just flow out..lalabas lang sila kapag kailangan mo na sila. LOL. I have read all your blogs here and i was intrigued by your supposed-wife-to be😀 and also the phrases “slight probably she will be the only one” ..hmmm she’s very lucky whoever she may be kasi mababasa nya at malalaman kung ano ang mga saloobin at iinsip mo sa mga panahong iyon.

    • Sanz Valle · November 3, 2012

      Wow… haha thanks for dropping by obliviongirl…🙂 You made my day! hehehe..

      • obliviongirl · November 5, 2012

        I’m very glad that I made your day🙂 ..Godbless you always.

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